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Fix Motorcycle Oil Drain Leaks

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Oil Drain
Motorcycle had been a staple of every person. It was to support the mobility of doing everyday activities especially with the growing the city congestion. Mechanical technology is applied in motorcycles are also growing very fast.

Together with the rapid growth of increasingly complex technologies that need extra care by the owner of the motorcycle. But there are little things that can make motorcycle owners fret, it is leaking oil bolt which is caused due to frequent opening and closing at for an oil change. motorcycles that are especially old age.

With a little tips, oil leaking bolt can be handled without having to go to the workshop. Material is needed is widely available on the market. This material is also often used by
plumbers. Sealtape, only the materials needed. 
oil bolt leak, oil pan bolt, plumbing mechanical technology, motorcycle
Oil Bolts


This work was done along with the oil changes, when you remove the oil bolt, wrap the oil bolt with a seal tape on the base of the bolt as much as 3-5 coiled. attention! don't wrong when a wrapping the sealtape because will be loose and the process can't be succeed.

How to a wrap: hold the bolt head with a left hand. Screw positioned above and below the bolt head, and then  wrap oil bolt clockwise and replace on the blog engine. Completed.

Replace the sealtape any oil tune up so it will avoid from the oil leak.

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