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Motorcycle Regulator Rectifier

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Regulator rectifier or commonly called "kiprok" is an electrical device that functions as a motorcycle stabilizer and power divider to the rest of the motorcycle. Technology regulator rectifier is growing but not how it works differently.

There are many types of regulator rectifier according to the types of motorcycles and need deepening of special each type of regulator. This article just explains generally.

How to check broken regulator rectifier?
  1. By physical analysis, headlamps dim or very bright otherwise it off, low voltage batteries (electrik starter motorcycles does not function).
  2. By using a multi tester (AVO meter), Remove the the positive pole (+) battery, turn on the machine, adjust the knob multi tester at 50 Volt DC, connect the red wire AVO to the positive pole (+) battery and the black wire to the negative (-) battery . See results of measurements, normal voltage between 12.5 - 14 volts. less than 12.5 or more than 14 volt regulator broken.
The effects of damage to the rectifier regulator
  • Dim the headlamp
  • Headlamp is broken
  • Low battery voltage or over voltage
  • Electrik starter does not function

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