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Sensor Technology For Starter Motorcycles From The Junk

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See you the crazy idea of Jurus SEO , do you know about the picture on the side? it is a sensor technology for the starter motorcycles from the junk. How  to jurus SEO gets silly ideas about technology from the junk? follow and read on ...

Started from the electronic waste pile up useless in the warehouse, Jurus SEO pick and choose things can still be utilized for the experiments. first Jurus SEO  found the hand dryer module burnt the fire, select again and  found the sensor module is used handsoap dispenser also burnt.  Later, Jurus SEO mind how to combine two different modules that can function?

Then, with computer expert Mr. Yayan Suryana, two different specifications of the module is unloaded and the raft back to function properly. But another question arises, to what all of this?

The last two days of Jurus SEO did not find the idea, until the idea came when the Jurus SEO starter bike damaged. How application to replace the sensor module starter bike is still manual? Can do it? With the use of 12 volt relay we try to do more research on the sensor module to activate the relay. Once the checks are a problem in the voltage output from the sensor module and 5volt just can not activate the relay 12 volt.

research again ... this time the target is to raise the voltage to be able to activate the relay 12 volt. This research takes 2 days and stopped caused some of the components of the sensor is burnt. Jurus SEO and Mr.Yayan was forced to find an appropriate component and can be used in applications to the sensor module.

And then sensor modules for the starter to work again by adding a 6 volt battery so that the output to 11 volts. Enough to enable connecting spool of relay. Well.. now, Jurus SEO the task of applying it to motorcycle.

Continue by removing the "bendik" or starter motor relay that is already not functioning and connect directly to the two poles of the sensor used 12volt relay that has been modified. Test and  Jrenk ......

And finished, Sensor Technology For Starter Motorcycles From The Junk already, but this still is not perfect and there are still many that need to be confident in the fix hehehee ..
Remember this is still experimental for "My Honda supra-X", which have not been using PGM-FI technology.

Thanks to Mr. Yayan Suryana.

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